Fandoms index

Here are all the fandoms I've written in. While I will put in a page for every single fandom, be aware that some of them are really, really tiny. Especially if I was only writing one fic for a challenge.

In terms of size, "Tiny" means that I've dabbled in the fandom, "Small" means I've written some fics but not a huge amount, "Medium" means that it's not a fandom where I've written a lot of fics in but I've written quite a few, "Large" means I've written a lot of fics in that fandom, and "Huge" means that I've really written a lot of fics in the fandom. Generally my "Large" and "Huge" fandoms are umbrella fandoms with multiple individual seasons/series, such as Power Rangers or Kamen Rider, and I'll note how big the individual sections range on the fandom pages.

For fandoms where the amount archived is smaller than the amount I've written, I'll indicate that in parentheses.

+Anima: A manga about children with the power of animals. Tiny.

Book fandoms: Put together because I write in book fandoms so rarely that I might as well keep them to one page. Tiny.

Charmed: American TV series about three sisters with magical powers. Small.

Crossovers: Not strictly a fandom, but where fandoms are crossed over. Small.

Digimon Tamers: Japanese anime, with dubbing into English. Tiny.

Doctor Who: Classic British TV series about traveler in time and space. So far, everything is classic/original series. Small.

Earth: Final Conflict: Canadian-American tv series about supposedly friendly energy beings, and those who work with them and seek the truth about them. Large (current size: Medium).

Fatal Frame (aka Zero, Project Zero): Japanese video game about people trapped in various cursed locations and stalked by ghosts. Medium (current size: Small).

Final Fantasy
: Series of games about heroes defeating evil. Currently I-III only. Small.

Forever Knight: The story of a repentant vamprire detective, the coroner who seeks to cure him, his coworkers, and family. Small (current size: Tiny).

General Hospital: American soap opera. Tiny.

Girl Genius: Steampunk/gaslamp webcomic/print series about a young woman named Agatha and her adventures as she discovers her heritage. Tiny.

Gokusen: Yazuka (mob) princess trained as a schoolteacher tries to bring a rowdy class under control. Tiny.

Hana Yori Dango: Poor girl goes to rich kids' school controlled by four students, ends up with one of them. Tiny.

Kamen Rider: A bunch of related Japanese series that feature a young man (or woman) with a belt that changes them into a motorcycle-riding superhero. Large (current size: Tiny).

Keitai Sousakan 7: A boy and his intelligent cellphone. Small (current size: Tiny).

Mulan: 1998 Disney film about a legendary Chinese heroine. Tiny.

Norse Mythology: The stories of the Norse gods and heroes. Tiny.

Ouran High School Host Club: The story of several handsome boys and one girl-mistaken-for-boy, and their High School Host Club.

Power Rangers: The long-running series about heroes in spandex fighting monsters. Umbrella title for a bunch of series. Huge (current size: Tiny).

RH+: A set of vampires help the police fight crime, and try to live their lives. Tiny.

Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri: A group of space travelers try to settle a semi-sentient planet. Tiny.

Sliders: A young genius creates a device for traveling between worlds, and accidentally begins a journey between worlds. Small (current size: Tiny).

Super Sentai: Teams of heroes in spandex fighting monsters. The Japanese originator for Power Rangers, still going strong. Medium.

Ultraman Nexus: 2004 Japanese series, part of the Ultraman universe, which focuses on a young man and people he meets who have the power to turn into Ultraman Nexus. Tiny.

Virtual Villagers: Game series by Last Day of Work, having to do with generations of villagers solving the mystery of the island of Isola. Tiny.

X-Men Movieverse: Three movies in the same general universe (X-Men, X-2, and The Last Stand), featuring Charles Xavier and those around him. Tiny.