Final Fantasy

It's hard to sum up the Final Fantasy series, because it covers fantasy, science fiction, and more, but the way I'd explain it is the simple "heroes save their world in various ways". So far, I've played Final Fantasy I , II, and III, which are strictly on the fantasy side, but this will change as I play more in the series.

Being There for Those
: Hilda doesn't want to send Firion and the others into danger, but she must. But that doesn't mean that she can't support them. (Final Fantasy II)
Complete / Standalone / Gen / Warning: Spoils plot just past Kashuan.
Characters: Princess Hilda, Minwu
Words: 572

Camping, Again: Maria broods about her brother, and thinks about her adventuring life so far. (Final Fantasy II)
Complete / Standlone / Gen / Warning: Spoils plot event in mid-late game.
Characters/Pairings: Maria, Firion
Words: 334

Come Back To Us: Maria must convince her brother that he's not what he thinks himself to be. (Final Fantasy II)
Complete / Standalone / Gen / Warning: Post-game spoilers.
Characters/Pairings: Maria, Leon
Words: 737

The Danger of Youth: Sneaking off without your healer is not the brightest idea, Minwu has to point out. (Final Fantasy II)
Complete / Standalone / Gen / Warning: Semmit Falls spoilers.
Character/Pairings: Minwu, Maria, Firion
Words: 648

Dungeon by Dungeon, Fight by Fight: Ten short fics about Maria's growth throughout the game. (Final Fantasy II)
Complete / Standalone / Gen / Warning: Spoilers for entire game.
Characters/Pairings: Maria
Words: 3450

The Expense of Adventuring: Adventuring can be an expensive thing, even for the chosen. (Final Fantasy I)
Complete / Standalone / Gen / Warnings: Small spoilers for an early part of the game.
Characters/Pairings: Arus (OC)
Words: 262

Missing It For The
: Arc gets an invitation from a friend. Luneth invites himself and the others along. Post-game. (Final Fantasy III)
Complete / Standalone / Gen / Warnings: Small spoilers for Sardonia arc.
Characters/Pairings: Arc, Luneth
Words: 549

Mysidia Tower's Shadow: Yae and Sae make a short trip to another world, Minwu gives some advice, and everything changes.
Complete / Standalone / Gen / Warnings: None / Note: Goes into Sae and Yae's storyline, and minor bits of Minwu's. Crossover with Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly.
Characters/Pairings: Kurosawa Sae, Kurosawa Yae, Tachibana Itsuki, Minwu
Words: 1154

The Necessity of Heroes: The Astro Megaship crew has to stop at a planet on their way back to Earth, and Ashley has a conversation with two people who know what it means to be famous heroes. (Final Fantasy II)
Complete / Standalone / Het / Warnings: None
Characters/Pairings: Maria, Firion, Ashley Hammond, Andros / Maria/Firion, Ashley/Andros
Words: 1675

Not a Death Unmourned: Arc reflects on the events that gave them the Eureka key. (Final Fantasy III)
Complete / Standalone / Gen / Warnings: Small spoilers for Eureka key arc.
Characters/Pairings: Arc
Words: 226

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