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This is Connecting The Dots, a multi-fandom fanfiction archive of my works, whether written under EstiRose or another pseudonym. I've been writing since 1987, and have written way too much fic since then.

Note: I write gen, het, and slash. I've clearly labeled what fics are what, but I haven't excluded anything from the site. I've had to warn for incest, sucidal ideation, and mpreg, among other things. Spoilers are also labeled. I have a handy-dandy "about" page if you want to know a bit more about me and how I've organized things. (I'll muse more about it later when I add my meta/nonfiction section.)

Fandoms / Brief List
I've written a wide variety of fandoms, way too many to clutter up on the main page.

Stuff that's kind of related to the fic.